Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Replacements - Tim

Here we are, Paul Westerberg and his Mat's, this is a solid record, but you know what? Of the many dischordant and shameless albums of the "Mats" discography, this isn't anywhere near my favorite. I like Let It Be and Pleased to Eat Me better. Why? Because this has some really awful filler shit on here. I mean, just really fucking terrible. I'd rather have termites lay eggs in my gonads then listen to "Lay it Down Clown" again. There are a lot of great albums to choose from in the mats discography, so why pick this one?

I'll tell you why.

Top Ten Reasons The Replacements - Tim is not their best album

10. Paul Westerberg was an anime character in 1985. Most of these songs are about building an enormous robot or having sex with a small girl
9. The Drums! My god, the drums! the drums sound so fucking terrible, the production in general is awful but the drums are shitted all up after the fantastic drumming of Let It Be. Everything sounds kinda bare and polished and reverbed all to hell.
8. There is no eight I like dicks and cocks
7. ahh Jane, could your pussy be any sweeter?
6. Bastards Of Young is The Replacements premiere ballad/rocker. It's quite simply the best song they did that wasn't on Let It Be. To put such a epic and earth-shattering song on the same piece of slab as "Lay It Down Clown" or even "Little Mascara" is an insult to the medium.
5. fuck me nancy won't you please?
4. 44444444444444444444444444444333333333333333
3. Have you ever wondered why balls are so hairy, it's likc a fucking jungle FUCKING CHICKENSHIT FUCK IT FUCKIT SHIT FUCK TIS TGSfgTITIS

2. DFFFffffffffffffffffffdASS PLEASE TO MEET ME IS BETTER: -

1. Mainly, the reason this album isn't the best album they ever did is because by the time Tim was unleashed onto the unsuspecting public. The Replacements were starting to take themselves just a bit too seriously. Paul's songwriting chops were obviously still there, but where was the fun, the playfulness of Hootenanny or Let It Be? The dry production actually sort of fits the album here, there's some brilliant material on here, it still has that raw, emotional punch that Westerberg has always had a knack for creating, but at this point in his career, I think he was starting trying too hard. Let it Be was an effortless classic, it was an album about four guys with guitars drinking beer and just fucking around, recording a couple songs, drinking more beer, and having a good laugh. Tim is well, it's a piece of shit

the end.

SCORE: it's still one of my favorite albums of all time. The Replacements were the greatest band to ever grace the earth. I'm thankful for everyday I found my copy of "Let It Be" in the used bin at Kiss The Sky, it changed my life.



ELASTICA said...

Dose of Thunder is the best ever

Undercooked Sausage said...

hey look everyone, a moron just posted!

Leif Garret(t) said...

"Lay It Down Clown" sounds like Nevermind.

elasticon said...

it would be the best KISS or AC/DC song ever written, thus it is at least a good Mats song