Friday, January 08, 2010

No Trend - Teen Love

The year is 1983 and the band is No Trend and their music is really fucking good! Hardcore punk? Not exactly. The musicmakers in No Trend were a little noisier and funnier than most groups at the time. Much like fellow rock gods Flipper, they recognized the exhilarating absurdity in playing the same big stupid bass riff over and over and decorating it with an unholy guitar racket and goofily shouted lyrics (think "Sex Bomb" rather than the more serious tunes such as "Life" and "Ever.") The singer's voice is about as blatantly obnoxious as that of the guy from Deep Wound, but the music is far from being a speedy festival of hardcore riffin'. The first track on this three song single is not "Teen Love" but a song called "Mass Sterilization Caused by Venereal Disease" and it's a relentless wind tunnel of noise that sounds more like a new Drunkdriver track than any other music that was happening at the time. "Cancer" is a bit cleaner and is either "a delightful no wave romp" or "like a more retarded Wipers" because I only know how to describe these songs by telling you what bands they remind me of. And of course the side long title track "Teen Love" is their shameless Yes tribute. Unlike Close To The Edge, however, it is on side two of a 7" single and is only six minutes and 39 seconds long. The band hammers out a sloppy midtempo groove that isn't all that far off from the PiL and Joy Division hits of the day while the singer sarcastically delivers a crushing tale of high school romance to you, the listener. At some point it speeds up and gets even uglier. You'll love it!

Rating: Not even your hip uncle's punk rock. Teen Love is a filthy, hilarious, rockin' release by one of the most fearless acts of the '80s DC scene. Just read over the band name again and ask yourself how they could have possibly been unoriginal!

Download Link: No Trend - Teen Love [1983]

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