Friday, August 06, 2010

to live and shave in la - the wig maker in 18th c. williamsburg

music is fun and lucrative so maybe one of you eight or nine record store fags who write/read this recognize that kind of creative anxiety; you only have so many parameters to work with, maybe you'll have what you think is an interesting or cool or new idea, but it's clear that no one's gonna follow your bizarre train of thought and recognize the clear profundity of this genius so why bother? twi8cw has me thinking about this intentional fallacy shit, who cares i know but bear with me

caveat, such is the nature of writing about a fucking album like the pulsing breathing monochromatic jagged world of shit that is wigmaker that this post is gonna get real annoying real quick. it's two hours long, like 30 tracks give or take. it's made of radio samples under extreme noise and screaming and u.s. maple grunting/come-ons, it's just a heap of audio garbage while the guy sits on top and shrugs. i could only sit through the whole thing once. i don't know anything about the brains behind tlasiLA but apparently it took him over half a decade to make this, which assumes tons of painstaking attention to sonic detail that no one who doesn't inhabit this dude's brain will ever notice or care about

it's all here though, constantly, just an amalgam of incidental noise and radio sample bullshit and everything you should hate having to hear, pounded into your brain with sledgehammer electronics and razors in wind tunnels and this particular character layering and melting his voice til it becomes part of the whole thing but stays the focus the whole time. i'm making this sound like it's hard to listen to but it's not - it's the opposite of something like uh imperial distortion; it's every possible destroyed material sculpted together into, as far as i can tell, music that might be intended to be nothing of consequence. which maybe it is. why do i give such a shit about the title and cover though? why does my brain fucking shatter when the tape cuts out and back in around the end of "comet" for instance. there are a lot of little moments like that. this is an actual 'album' for sure, and i mentioned how much work went into it - i keep wanting to bring up endless summer but there's no real parallel beyond the same thing or musical idea dying or decaying in both albums, and in wigmaker it gets resurrected into some fucked up voltron, so you tell me what it's symptomatic of to want to play this into the ground almost solely for that reason. i bet all this sounds really fucking fascinating but it really is a world of its own worth throwing on at least half of one time, especially if youve been sitting on your dick listening to KISS for months and wanna remember that waning feeling of 'discovering' something in a huge piece of music. none of this is an explicit endurance challenge like some of the cornier merzbow shit or whatever, it's just here if you want it. no pretentions just some guy's incredible fucked-up mind, maybe there really is a path to follow down this thing and you'll hit the right one

rating: havent watched this yet, maybe its cool

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