Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At The Drive In - Hell Paso(1994)

I'm now going to go through the entire recording history of Jim Ward. The guy from Sparta. That's's Jim Sparta week here on SLRJ. so rip a joint for this one...

Jim Ward is the real heart to the ATDI sound. he is the only guy who's been around besides the weird afro guy, but that guy only sings so what kind of musical input could he be putting in anyway(those lyrics are so gay anyway) i guess there was another weird afro dude but he's not on this one.

Anyway this record sucks. it's 3 songs and they are really lame. Cedric sounds like this big gay guy and jim ward's background vocals sound like a dude who spent most of his time inbetween classes at high school playing pokemon crystal with his gay friends. i can't imagine what kind of shitty taste in music these guys had at this point in their lives at like 19-20. if you listen to this EP anywhere outside of your comfortable house you will get made fun of.

It's only 3 songs long thank god! Nothing really bad on here, it's just a bunch of songs w/e

Rating: 5/10

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Anonymous said...

You cant do reviews for shit.... Your horrible at album reviews