Monday, December 04, 2006

XTC - Skylarking

XTC, which is pronounced the same way as the popular drug, heroin. Were a bunch of drugged out british guys who wanted to record a very good album! and they succeeded! hurray! Everyone climb on top of my penis and gorge yourself on it!

You will have to excuse myself for my absence in the web reviewing scene, I have been busy fucking Jennifer Aniston.

Anyway, this album is full of uh, Orch pop I guess? The guy who sings it sounds like your gay art teacher from middle school but after eating four white castle sliders, and trying to poop them out at gunpoint. I like the vocals very much.

Most of the songs on this album are talking about eating members of The Smiths, I just took some pills and am having dificulty concentrating on the music. The second track is about smoking grass, I don't know what else to say about this album. The guitars are visceral! Actually, there are barely any guitars on this album. It's basically Sufjan Stevens if he was in a prog rock band. This album has more in common with Rush or King Crimson than it does The Beatles. The rest of the songs on here talk about killing Tony Danza.

I fucking hate Tony Danza.

Rating: 10/10, recommended for the entire family, or at least the gay ones, basically no straight person could like this album which is why i had to cut my penis off in order to review it. One of the gayest albums of the 21st century.

Song: XTC - Grass

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