Monday, November 27, 2006

Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny

I don't know about you, but I think that Tenacious D is pretty fucking funny. For one thing, both of the guys are fat and middle-aged blokes who sing about Satan and fucking and rock 'n' roll and stuff. Also, they swear a lot! Swearing is awesome, and always hysterical.

Having enjoyed their TV series and self-titled 2001 (?) debut album, I was totally psyched for their movie The Pick of Destiny... FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO. What the fuck year is it, 2006? I assumed this would have been out by 2003 at the very latest. Luckily, I completely forgot about it (and Tenacious D) for the past three years or so. To my surprise, I was actually quite excited for this movie when I heard that it was finally being released.

Turns out, the movie is actually quite hilarious! Seriously, my experience watching this film was just so enjoyable. It's just non-stop cock rock ridiculousness. If you liked their first album, and if you liked the TV series, you need to see the danged movie! You'll love it. If you have a low-tolerance for Jack Black, well, I suggest that you stay away. Why would you want to, though? Dave Grohl plays SATAN! Ha! ERGH!

Listening to the soundtrack is pretty much just like watching the movie. So it plays as a concept album! See the movie first, though. There's a lot less of the "two guys jamming out on guitars" charm that the series and self-titled album had, and more ballsy full-band arrangements. Which is fine. For an overblown concept album, this thing is way too short, though. It's only 33 minutes. It should have been twice as long. Maybe next time. The first song is the best! It's a mini rock opera that contains the line, "Gotta suck a chode in the party zone!" Who the hell says "chode" anymore? LOL!!!!

I have a headache. My ex-girlfriend came back to visit my school, and she wanted to talk to me about something, but I didn't have time to stay around because I had to catch the bus, so I might never know what it is! I hope I never encounter her again. I feel like shit right now. I have to go do math homework and listen to Asunder. The new Converge is so fucking good.

Rating: Fuck!

Song: "Classico"... track 2 from this swell disc. Sweet jesus, it's awesome.


Roger_Daltree said...

At least we can both agree that if you fuck with the D we're going to put our dick in where you see.

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