Wednesday, November 08, 2006

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust

"David Bowie" is a band formed in the late 1960s by Guitarist, Neil Young, and drummer, David Bowie. The band gained moderate success which was later dwarfed by the duo's later project, Tin Machine.

but let's forget about Tin Machine for a moment, and talk about this album. It is very loud and filled with pianos and gay men. Once upon a time before David Bowie had retired to become a boring hipster championing bands like Tv On The Radio and Weird Al, he used to write music that sounds a lot like whatever he was listening to at the time. Girls really like this album a lot, so maybe if you say you like David Bowie in front of some girl they'll have sex with you.

Let's go through song by song

Five Years - This song is very epic and filled with instruments.
Soul Love - Sounds like Metallica
Moonage Daydream - it has this flute or something in the middle of it that plays a nice melody, and talks about rayguns and shit and it always makes me think of Earthworm Jim
Starman - Song about the enemy in Earthbound and how much of a chode he is.
It Ain't Easy - I don't remember what this one sounds like
Lady Stardust - who cares
Hang On To YOurself - more like BANG on yourself, as in hit yourselfYEAH
Suffragette City - Everyone knows this song.
Rock N' Roll Suicide - Pro-suicide anthem, sounds like Sufjan Stevens

ooh la la

Rating: This album is actually really good. I used to not like it very much, I still don't like the drumming on it.

What does David Bowie and a hoover vacuum cleaner have in common?

They're both great at cleaning up cum stains! haha!

Song: Pavement - Kennel District


Leif Garret(t) said...

"Kennel District" = greatest song ever

Nice work.

Anonymous said...

More like David Bowey!