Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rush- 2112

After a few albums of flirting around with dual-classing to a Wizard, Rush finally makes the change from a Fighter to a wizard on their tour de force album 2112. Rolling a 20 and criticalling with their 20 minute masterpiece of conceptual song-writing, 2112, Rush could easily take out a Tarrasque or worse. What has happened in between 2112 and Caress of Steel that resulted in this massive leveling up? All signs point to Geddy Lee discovering some Gauntlets of Dexterity after looting the Temple of Elemental Evil, while someone probably casted Haste on Neil Peart. Not that anyone can hear it on the album, but Alex Lifeson definitely gained a few proficiency points in making his guitar much more expressive, and now when he hits a solo its utter majesty. Music producers at the time must have had poor saving throws to let a Canadian band record a concept album, especially after Rush died at the hands of the Necromancer at the Fountain of Lamneth. 2112's campaign setting is one a scientific-futuristc dystopia, where the members of Rush have to find the mystical Talking Guitar to battle the Priests of Syrinx who have usurped all of humanity.

The album also features a few side-quests, most notable with their passage to “Bangkok,” a mystical jaunt into the “Twilight Zone” where they learn many lessons after numerous tears, and then finally find a bag of holding to put all their instruments in, effectively getting something for nothing.

Rating: 11 on a d12

Song: Rush-2112

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