Wednesday, November 01, 2006

King Crimson - In The Court of The Crimson King

The abbreviation for the album is ICOCK, or "I, cock" and basically gives you an idea of how wankery this album is. Actually, the album is not very wankery, it's one of the first real prog albums that ever came out. WAY BACK IN 1969, you see Robert Fripp was actually godzilla and wanted to create more terror than just stomping on asians so he decided to write a theme song about himself called 'Crimson King"(because he was a red Godzilla, not a traditional green one) and decided to form a band and hire someone outside of the band to write the lyrics, which i've always thought was pretty cool, someones job in the band is just to write lyrics. What a novel concept!

Anyway, this album is pretty awesome, the first and last tracks especially, the first track is just hard rocking, and the singer is so distorted, he describes a "twenty first century schizoid man" and he sounds british as FUCK. Who does the vocals, Greg Lake? Bill Cosby? I can't remember, the drummer sounds like he came straight of out a marching band, bashing away and making the entire album sound like a fun parade. I love pre-John Bonham drum sound! It's so adorable and harmless!

The album also has moonchild on it, which sucks, there's just a bunch of organs. What the hell? Did they record this in a church, if so, I hope the church was swallowed into hell for making such bad music!!

The last track is great though, it sounds like video game music or something. See, rock and roll was still in it's infancy when this album came out, so rock had all sorts of weird albums like these that just sound so unconventional, Prog bands todays influences are like, King Crimson and Yes, but what the hell were King Crimsons influences? Probably like Jazz and crazy stuff like that! It's really neat. Bands had to create ideas, cool!

Anyway, Robert Fripp is the drummer but after this album the band broke up, Robert Fripp kept the name King Crimson and went on to shorten it to KC, and then became KC and the Sunshine Band.

Rating: Great album, but it's got some parts that are just plain blustery, I saw The Prestige the other night, it had David Bowie in it, though I wish Robert Fripp had been in it too.

Song: All of them are great, they're all like 200 minutes long so I'm not giving you any of it.


Leif Garret(t) said...

hey, this album. Yeah, so the first two songs are two of my favorite kinds of music ever (super speedy jazz rock crap, beautiful Moody Blues-style balladry) and the third song is really bombastic and it's okay and the next one starts out alright and then becomes god-awful and the last one is really bombastic, too, and I don't like it as much as I should because Butch Walker produced it apparently.

Roger_Daltree said...

Moonchild rocks, faggots!

Anonymous said...

Robert Fripp is actually the guitarist, not the drummer.

Leif Garret(t) said...

Robert Fripp was in Emerson, Lake & Powell.

Roger_Daltree said...

Robert Fripp is actually the bassist, asshole!