Friday, November 03, 2006

Yes - Fragile.

Fragile was one of the first punk rock albums in music history. The album was performed by midgets. The first track off this album, "Roundabout" is one of the greatest songs ever written, the bassline is incredible, the guy who wrote it, Ozzy Osbourne, later went on to write the bassline to seinfeld, that's why they sound pretty much the same.

The vocals on Yes albums are all done by this really happy guy named Jon Anderson, all of his lyrics have to deal with dragons and fire, so you might say that Jon Anderson invented the black metal genre with Fragile.

So when this band is not talking about dragons or the devil, or playing with fire. They are playing tightly recorded rhythmic beats and incredible sounds. Most of this album sort of blends together. It's pretty great, but I actually like the Yes albums that are like a couple tracks long even more, like Close To The Edge. Yes still knew how to write pop music when Fragile came out. They would forget how to do this in a year or two after Chris Squire was visited by Jesus Christ, a noted prog fiend, and wanted him to create lush soundscapes. The End.

Rating: 2800/3

Song: Yes - Roundabout


Leif Garret(t) said...

DUDE, I bought this album Tuesday. It's so fucking awesome! I heard "Long Distance Runaround" once on the radio when I was six or something and when I finally got to hear it again, I was just like, "Shit, I heard this years ago and it's awesome."

Roger_Daltree said...

This is the album to kill your girlfriend in a bathtub to.