Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Warhammer 48k - Uber Om

Wow, what an album. Warhammer 48k is one of the greatest bands ever pretty much, and no one has even heard of them before. This is some heavy shit though, I like to listen to it to make myself feel much more metal than I already am.

I'm going to go see them in about a month or so, I've also become myspace friends with the band, I heartily recommend giving this album a try if you can muster up the balls. Seriously, this album isn't for sissies, or "Belle & Sebastian" types, Warhammer 48k will break off your head and snap your neck or some such nonsense.

I should also point out that fans of guitars will like this album, and if you don't like guitars, then what the fuck is wrong with you???

This is Warhammer 48k killing fans of twee and indie baroque-orch-fey-jangly pop. Don't be one of them. Wilco rules.

Rating: 666/10.

Song: Here's the whole album!

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