Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Life Without Buildings - Any Other City

Remember when I reviewed Wipers' Youth of America last night? I'm listening to it right now. It's seriously fucking awesome. Everybody just remember that my album recommendations are generally seriously fucking awesome. I don't just serve you up some bullshit. These jams are the real deal, let me tell you, the serious shit. You want the best and I know where you can get it. If you'd only listen. And you do.

Hey, what's up? Remember back in 2005 when Art Brut completely fucking turned your world around with their brand of fiery post-punk guitar rock and quirky Mark E. Smith-recalling sing/speak vocals? Well, then you'll love climbing inside of this time machine (penis) of mine and travelling back to the year 2000 when Life Without Buildings was the talk of the British music press and not just some band that nobody even remembers or gives a fuck about seven years later.

Oh my god, it's the guitar solo in "When It's Over" that I was talking about that one time. Christ, I was so fucking on-the-money about that one, remember? Still am.

Anyways, Life Without Buildings. What do (or did) they sound like? Art Brut is a good comparison, I think, except while the Brutes (lol) are much more of a BALLS OUT RAWK outfit, Life Without Buildings don't necessarily make me want to jump around the stage like Jasper Future did at that festival when I saw them that one time. There are no distorted guitars on here! A lot of it rocks, but the guitar tones are clean and shimmering. The guitar guy plays a lot of lovely major chords with pretty little notes and things, but it's not boring like the kind of non-descript "indie" guitar music that you hear between NPR segments. Remember when Pitchfork reviewed Bang Bang Rock & Roll and was like, "These guys don't play riffs, they play licks!" Remember how you didn't know what the fuck they were talking about? Well, listen to this shit, mang, because this shit just sparkles, holmes. Shit's downright coruscating (that's right.) I always assumed there were two guitarists, but no, it's just one dude! He's just playing a lot of cool shit. I really like guitars, by the way.

Another thing! The singer here is a broad! Hey! Remember how everybody hated Art Brut because the singer was annoying? Well, this singer is just as annoying, if not more. You'd better like British or Scottish or whatever nationality chicks joyously yelping exclamations like, "EXCLUSIVELY EXCLOOOOOSIVEEEEE!!!!" or "UH-ZOOMUHZOOMUHZOOMUHZOOMUHZOOMUHZOOM" or "MAH LIPS ARE SEALEDDDD!!!!!!!! MAH LIPS ARE SEALEDDDDD!!!!! HUHWAUH!!!!!" I'm serious, this is some joyous fucking shit. Sue Tompkins fills my heart with glee with her delightful vocal hooks of hyperactive girly NRG.

I love this album. There are so many cute little guitar licks and cute little vocalisms throughout this fuckin' thing... so damn good. It's really just beautiful indie pop, but it's got the rocking qualities of our friend post-punk. Like early Talking Heads or something. Unless you don't think they were post-punk. But I mean, dorky shit like Television, XTC, the Feelies, the Soft Boys, whatever. You know, geeky guitar music for awkward males to enjoy. Except we get the lovely boy/girl juxtapositions of say, Blonde Redhead or Swirlies or something. And while that might seem sexist, you gotta admit that whether you're the Delgados or My Bloody Valentine or whomever, you earn this sort of untouchable cool for having a broad in the band. It's like, totally INDIE POP, or whatever. No band is "indie pop" unless they have a broad in there, that's what I say.

Rating: I'm listening to "Philip" from this album. Jesus christ, this song is good enough for me to give it a 100/10. And you should, too. That's right, start your own review site and review this shit and give it a 100/10 because it's just that good because I said so.

Song: "Let's Get Out"... this here is one of the five or so songs that make me happier than anything, seriously. Serious jamz.


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Ha, ha, I fooled you, though. When I went to write this review, I first went into "edit" mode for my Wipers review so that I could copy and paste the "template" for it. Unfortunately, I forgot to leave "edit" mode and create a new post! So this thing was actually published on June 13th, but it says June 12th (which was when my first Wipers review was published.) So that same night, I wrote ANOTHER Wipers review, except I did it after midnight, so it looks like I wrote my LwB review on the 12th, skipped a day, and wrote my Wipers review on the 14th. When in reality, I wrote my Wipers review on the 12th, my LwB review on the 13th (erasing my Wipers review), and then published a new Wipers review on the 14th.

And the Stylus piece is what finally inspired me to write about this thing (I've been meaning to do so for a while now, honest!) In reality, I posted this on the same day that the Stylus piece ran. Swell little piece of writing, though... and I'm the first comment! Whee!