Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Icarus Line - Black Lives At The Golden Coast

Hey, it's a fairly solid rock album. It's about ten minutes shorter than the last one. The production is less distorted and in-the-red, for one thing. And there are some genuine pop songs this time around. "Slayer," "Victory Gardens," "Black Lives At The Golden Coast," all awesome. A lot more of a JAMC/PRMLSCRM thing going on here, rather than just trying to be as face-slashingly abrasive as possible. I'm down with it.

The songs that aren't all breezy and dreamy are pretty much the same 'ol hookless messes, though. The fuck is up with that? If I want to hear plodding, pissed-off Stooges-lovin' noise-rock, I'll dig me some 'ol Jesus Lizard, Brainbombs, Clockcleaner, etc. These dudes just don't have the tunes for that stuff. Sad, really, 'cause I love that kind of shit. Guys, just keep rocking the acoustic guitars/melodies. I believe in y'all.

Rating: Several genuinely enjoyable rock songs. Somehow, it all holds together. I can listen to it all the way and enjoy myself. Pretty good record. They're getting better.

Song: THE ALBUM!!!

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