Saturday, September 01, 2007

New Order - Substance

Disc one has the greatest songs of all-time all the fuck over it. "Ceremony," "Bizarre Love Triangle," and of course, the immortally fantastic '87 remix thing of "Temptation." "Blue Monday" is on here, too. "True Faith" is awesome. "Shellshocked," "Who's Joe," "Shame of the Nation," and "The Perfect Kiss" all rule a bitch. The rest of the songs are pretty good, too. "Everything's Gone Green" is basically "Blue Monday" if "Blue Monday" was written and assembled in such a way that no one would ever actually give a shit about it, and hey, it's still damn good. Essential listening, all of these things. Especially "Temptation." Oh god, "Temptation."

Sadly, the second disc is largely a bunch of boring "club mixes" or something and I never listen to it. Oh, well.

Rating: I don't know.

Song: The Groundhogs - Thank Christ For The Bomb


Joe said...

But disc 2 has "1963."

Andrew said...

"1963" is actually one of my least favorite songs on disc 2. So many weird, cool songs on that one--"In a Lonely Place," "Hurt," "Procession," "Cries and Whispers," "Lonesome Tonight," "Murder"...some of the instrumentals are kind of pointless ("Shame of the Nation" is unforgivable) but you're really missing out if you never listen to the rest.

Undercooked Sausage said...



yeah 1963 is skippable