Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Burial - Untrue

Hi, I'm updating this right now. What's up.

Everybody loves this album. I also love this album. It is an electronic music album. There are beatz and loopz and bleepz and bloopz. There are vocal samples. They are occasionally very hooky. It is moody music. That mood is an ominous one of darkness and sushi.

I don't have anything to say about this album. I'm sure that there are a million albums that sound similar to this one, but I have no idea as to why this one might tower above any of them. Maybe because I haven't heard enough shitty "electronica" records to compare it to? Last year, I was really digging Villalobos's Achsco and I honestly had nothing to say about it except for "he makes cool noises."

Every blog is talking about this album! Now this one is, too! FUX YEEEEEEAH.

Rating: Great fucking album. The cover reminded me of Gorillaz at first.

Song: "Archangel"

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