Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nirvana - Bleach(1989)

Let's set the record on KUrd Cobain, the dude was a talented songwriter and also very tale4nted at killing himself. How did he blow his brains out with a shotgun using his toe or whatever the story is? I can't even tie my shoes.

This is the album that came out before Nevermind that not as many people have heard. A lot of the songs are really, really simple. "Floyd The Barber" for example, basically has the same guitar, bass, and drum parts playing over and over, and the vocal melody isn't exactly the most charming. However, I'm a huge fan of this albums sound. For an album called "Bleach" it sure sounds really filthy, and all the guitars sound like Black Sabbath riffs.

Kurt Cobain wrote most of these songs, but Dave Grohls co-wrote the better songs like "about a girl" "celebrated summer" and "my name is jonas" the latter being probably the most important song in the bands history.

All the songs are good on here except the last track which was added to the CD version. "Downer," it sounds like a wet, smelly dog licking mustard spread around his master's moist buttcrack.

After this album, all three members of the Nirvanas quite the band and reformed as New Order with Gillian Gilbert on guitar!

Rating: This is probably my second favorite Nirvanas album, I'd give it an 8/10 but I'd rate it higher if all the songs sounded as good as "About A girl" "Blew" Love Buzz "and Sphaghetti"


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