Thursday, April 23, 2009

At The Drive-in - Relationship Of Command(2000)

Once upon a time there were two cholos named Omar Rodriguez and Cedric Bixler, they teamed up with some of the biggest cock sucking faggots on the planet one day in texas and released tons of albums, EPs, and singles that brought a smile to many a people in the music listening community.

Then one day Cedric grew a giant dick and started raping and fucking everything in the whole world. His dick grew to be about a thousand feet long and he rubbed his dick so strongly he squirted his semen onto the entire world. The semen was as black as blood and smothered the 3 other homos in the At The Drive-ins and smothered the entire world with pain and misert.

that semen was The Mars Volta.

Fuck you, Cedric Bixler and Homer Rodriguez.

Rating: 10/10

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Anonymous said...

So fucking true

Stefan said...

Homer Rodriguez.

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