Thursday, June 17, 2010

Defektors - The Bottom of The City (2010)

Hey, this band plays "punk rock." It's easy to get excited about because the slave driving beatz and rhythm guitar action often recall the Wipers, not to mention the fact that the production is clear as a bell and you always get the sense that you're hearing the sort of melodically minded music that is well executed to the point that it deserves to be put up there with all your favorite late '70s classics that have proven to be timelessly listenable through the ages. However, it's not that great and I'll probably never listen to it again once this year has passed. Or hell, once I've finished writing this. I guess they have a neat sound but where's the unavoidable infectiousness of the hooks? Where's the danger? Where's the scummy, cruddy "vibe"? I just hear some solid dudes with some cool records and not much else. Maybe it's a slight cut above those Busy Signals and Daily Void albums that I listened to one time but not much. Still pretty empty shit. I'll nod in recognition at the extended noisy guitar odyssey during the last five minutes of "Burning Light" but that shit ain't "Youth of America." It ain't even Hot Snakes, for that matter. Those guys brought the heaviness and catchiness, whereas the Defektors' game is pretty limp dicked. Might be cool to see live, though.

Rating: Whatever.

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