Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hole - Pretty On The Inside (1991)

Reading up on this album leads one to believe that the popular grunge rock band Hole fronted by Courtney Love was first introduced to the world as a group that let its more abrasive tendencies run wild, embracing the elite sounds of the Sonic Youth and the Teenage Jesus and the Pussy Galore rather than trying to write "hits." What it really sounds like is Mudhoney minus whatever grasp of songwriting that band displayed on such catchy North American underground rock classics as "If I Think" and "Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More." In terms of vocal approach, Love favors impersonating the oh so cool jaded tunelessness that co-producer Kim Gordon pioneered, alternating between that and the wretched screams that would become somewhat of a trademark over the years. All of this is done over a backdrop of unassuming grunge racket that never really crosses over into the anti-music territory of NYC namecheck rock but doesn't have much success with its more traditional songwriting aspirations, either. If you're looking for something more than nostalgia for dated dollar bin classics, I can't imagine you'll come away with much.

Rating: Eh.

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You got it all wrong. This album is rad.