Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Boris - Akuma No Uta

What the fuck is up with girls and Japanese shit, seriously? Like, every broad I know is into this crazy Sailor Moon shit. I don't get it. I've never beaten my meat to hentai before, and I don't plan to do so any time in the near future.

Remember when I was at that Boris concert and I was yelling, "Fuck yeah, Boredoms rule!" They played "Ibitsu" from this album. Peter Drumm opened and he almost made Logan Square Auditorium fucking collapse, it was so awesome. He played his smashing new Drumm's Not Dead LP in its entirety, and covered the Jayhawks. Good show.

This album is better than other Boris albums. It's a mere 42 minutes long (which is still too long for an enjoyable album... pass me that Agoraphobic Nosebleed album over 'hurr), but it's diverse as fuck, mang. Boris doing everything they do well, and doing it really, really well. You got your Earth-style doomers, your Motörhead speedy ravers, your Hendrix/Blue Cheer psychedelic marijuana smokers, and your crushing Melvins sludgers.

There are Boris albums out there like Heavy Rocks and Pink that feature lots of fast thrashy asskickers all in a row. They can pull those out of their small Japanese asses, though. I mean, that shit rules and all, but it starts to sound a little bit samey after a while. Whereas here, "Ibitsu" and "Furi" come off as totally memorable and get stuck in your head all the damn day. And wow, they just sound so "on" during this whole little album, you know. I mean, what the hell, "Naki Kyoku" and "Ano Onna No Onryou" are just the best "psych revival" things in recent years. Yeah, better than Dungen. Hell, better than Comets On Fire, even.

Something about this album is just really perfect. The energy, of course, but also the balance of styles, the playing, everything. Not to say that other Boris albums suck my ass... they don't, this band rules all and you know it. They release 50,000,000 albums a year and they all just slay you up and down, round and round. But I don't really listen to their other albums. I listen to this one, and I never get tired of it. Also, you know how Wetton-era King Crimson rules, and all of the albums they did during that time are pretty awesome, but Red is the one where you go, "Wow, shit, this is just the best shit ever." And it only has five songs, but every moment just captures them just destroying you with their greatness. That's the one you play over and over. It is, isn't it. Or are you just an asshole.

Rating: Heavier than heaven! Louder than love! Temple of the Dog!

Song: "Ibitsu"... fucking amazing shit right here.


Anonymous said...

No posts in more than a week? Ha! I knew your little blog wouldn't last through the winter! It won't be long before you're back on the streets where I found you.

Roger_Daltree said...

You might be one of the writers in disguise. But a new review is coming! Kike...