Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dungen - Tio Bitar(2007)

Let me just point out, that Tio means "uncle" in spanish, so this album translates to "Uncle Biter?" or "one who bites uncles." Ha! Dungeon has a good sense of humor.

Anyway, I digress, let me just point out that I am a very small boy. I am fourteen years old, I enjoy Grand Theft Auto, I am frustrated by my newly sprouted pubic hair, and I have gross acne growing all over my ass, dick, and scrotum.

This is okay though, because, being fourteen years old, I have discovered Led Zeppelin by this point, and I am getting my ass kicked by them, as they were one of the best(ah, fuck it, THEY WERE THE BEST) rock bands of all time.

and this is what it feels like when i listen to Dungen, I feel like I'm listening a new Led Zeppelin album or something, maybe it's the drums, but, really, they don't sound like Zeppelin very much, the guy doesn't wail and sound like he has a mountain lion in his asshole, he has this pleasurable swedish croon. The guitars are much, much more psychadelic, favoring LSD rather than heroin, and everything is a bit more tightly constructed than Zeppelin ever were. Rather, Dungen shows their allegiance towards 60s psychadelic rock bands like Kaleidoscope, The Zombies, Jefferson Airplane or hell, even Pink Floyd just as much as they channel 70s hard rock. At the same time, they somehow make their music trendy enough to get write-ups on indie kid blogs such as this one. Go figure. Dungen, buncha geniuses.

Or should I say, ONE genius? It turns out that almost all of the album is written and performed by one guy, and he just tours with his three bandmates. Amazing stuff.

Everything you liked about Ta Det Loogie is back, same bong-rattling drums, lazy, psychadelic guitars, and otherworldly, beautiful vocals are all back. This time around though, there's certainly a lot more strings, pianer, and all sorts of that shit, as if these songs needed to be anymore fucking beautiful than they already were. I feel like this review should've ended like, two paragraphs ago, all the rest of this is just fucking exposition, fuck it, I'm gonna try and go to bed after these allie sin videos are done downloading.

RATING: Oh, well it's fantastic, beautiful stuff, if you don't like it, well, then maybe you should've listened to more classic rock when you were a kid.

SONG: I think it's stupid to just up one song when this is such an "album" album, but here's a song anyway.

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