Saturday, July 04, 2009

Eat Skull - Wild & Inside

This band sucks and so does this album. Just imagine being someone who restricts his or her self to "NOTHIN' BUT THE RAWEST, NOISIEST SHIT" and having to live every day with the discomforting knowledge that you honestly think this is some of the best music being made today. Sure, the melodies are clearer this time around and things are a bit more dynamic and balanced between noisy shriekouts and way mellowed slow burners, but really, this is just more of the sort of monotonous lo-fi crap that has spread like HIV throughout the underground during the past couple years. The more rackety explosions here just make me wish I were listening to one of the 7-8 decent Times New Viking songs, which isn't even something I find myself ever wanting to do at this juncture in time. The gentlemen in this group who perform with the Hospitals should just stick to the project whose intentions are based in more abstract sonic meltdowns (which kind of blow, to be honest) because coming up with anything resembling a memorable vocal melody is completely out of Eat Skull's reach. And that's what they're trying to do, right? You can here the 3-4 note pop song desperately attempting to peer through the scrapey noise. But there's nothing to uncover, nothing that can reveal itself and prove anyone wrong, no mood that can envelop the listener... certainly nothing worth sitting through 27 minutes of. What a bunch of lazy garbage. Not even a case of "all style and no substance," but rather the substance meter is tragically keeling over into the negative region, as if to make a mockery of any music that possesses even a single shred of remarkableness. As of late, I have had more big 'ol DIY dumps taken in my mouth than I can count and frankly, I am not going to stand for any more.

Rating: Not favorable.

Download Link: Sugar Ray - "Rivers"

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