Monday, July 06, 2009

Vile Gash - Demo II

The moon is full! The hounds are loose and their gash radars are in full swing! Sweaty, drippy, smelly, steamy, sloppy, vile gash. That, my friends, is what we are going to be sniffing out until the sun peeks out its adorable yellow head to welcome in another day of shattered dreams and broken hearts.

But nah, I'm kidding myself here. Not gonna be getting between a woman's legs tonight... no, sir. Sometimes you have to settle for what's in front of you. Sometimes it's not a "warm platinum pussy with a dynamic pussy hole," as Ghostface described it all those years ago. Sometimes vile gash goes all capital letters on us and arrives in the form of a cassette tape full of noisy hardcore punk music. And sometimes you don't even get a cassette tape... you just download the mp3s off some blog.

And thus we have this review. Vile Gash's second demo release showcases the Columbus, Ohio hitmakers realization that cassette technology allows for more than two minutes of music to be contained in one place. As with the group's debut release Demo, Demo II contains three brief blasts of the very most brutal hardcore. Negative Approach? Charles Bronson? D.R.I.? Whatever the fuck! Vile Gash likes it fast, ugly, and noisy. It's those layers of excess grime that elevate the experience of listening to Vile Gash's music above and beyond that of a more straightforward Discharge worshiping hardcore act such as Waco Fuck. The guitar/bass combination is pure slop with plenty of nasty low-end, the drums are a racket to behold, and the vocals, while certainly providing that classic "guy screaming" feel that you know and love, absolutely shred the speakers with their mangled throat ejaculations.

The fourth track, however, sounds like the time I tried getting my faux post-hardcore band to sound like Flipper by playing two chords really slow at the end of one of our songs for five minutes. Except in Vile Gash's hands, such an extended jam is handled with confidence and zero fear of getting their toes wet in some good filthy noise. If this isn't obscenely far-reaching musical growth, than I don't know what is. We're on the second release and already the palette has been expanded to include sluggish dirges that surpass the one minute mark? A good six times, at that? Well.

To hear a band like this striving towards total abrasiveness is a welcome development, indeed. Probably the only way I'm gonna be kept from saying, "Why am I listening to this when there's not a single thing here that isn't provided more competently by the classix???" They're too darn OI! OI! PUNK ROCK! DOOPCHKDOOPCHKDOOPCHK to go all Harry Pussy or even Drunkdriver on you. But that's just an option anyone needs in their musical life and I'm certainly thankful. However, looking at that faggy minimalist cover art, who knows what kind of free jazz bullshit Vile Gash is gonna unleash upon us next time around? I'll be here holding out for the Upper West Side Soweto requiem mass.

Rating: Best New Music! What are you gonna do, listen to anything for more than nine minutes at a time? Get fucked.

Download Link: "Scum"... 32 seconds of maximum rock fury!

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This album is about my pussy