Sunday, July 05, 2009

R.E.M. - Chronic Town

I hope a "chronic town" actually exists so that I can go there and do massive bong rips all day, every day!!!

Pretty good EP. Everything about the first song is great. The next one is still pretty catchy. Track three, a bit better. Next one, whatever, it's good. Digging the last track and its crazy sound effects. Must be pretty solid, huh!

This band really didn't get much better than this 20 minutes of perfectly competent yet just subversive enough jingle jangle college music. When the Feelies are too artsy and Mission of Burma too brash for your tastes, try some R.E.M. on for size! It's really not all that difficult to imagine these songs playing on the local popular music radio station. These pasty bedwetters have their hearts in the pop song format and aren't intent on wasting your time with winding krautrock workouts or ugly noise assaults. No bullshit! Just tunes. And a soft wet pussy to slide them into.

Rating: Buy it! Burn it! Trash it!

Download Link: "Wolves, Lower"

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