Friday, October 09, 2009

The-Dream - Love Hate

Before Terius Nash had become the indie rock web forum icon that most of the nation knows and loves him as, he released a little heard solo album that only a select few white people really flipped out over. But let me tell you, those folks had the right idea because this is one solid pop LP by one solid guy who makes good music. All the songs are dope as hell especially the singles but you only have to listen to everything after "Falsetto" a few times before it all stops completely running together. Even if you can't remember anything but the choruses from "Purple Kisses," "Playin' In Her Hair," and "Luv Songs," you can still get a kick out of the awesome production which has a lot of pianos (maybe?) and vocal layering and shit. Opener "Shawty Is Da Shit" is just downright heavenly like the first time you shroomed to Person Pitch. Of the main attractions here, "Fast Car" might be the most unrelentlessly hooky but the success with which The-Dream manages to pull off what is more or less a shameless update of "Little Red Corvette" is still ripe for immersing one's self in. And you gotta love how he seamlessly merges that certified banger with the foreboding drama of "Nikki" when you're not looking and doesn't even stop there because it's only setting the stage for the arms-stretched-towards-the-sky climax of "She Needs My Love." Side two has "Mama," which is pretty but pretty BORING, too. I like the Rihanna song. The weaksauce guitar solo in "Falsetto" sounds like shit but other than that this is a really good album.

Rating: 9.2/10

Download Link: "I Luv Your Girl"... you thought I wasn't gonna mention this one didn't you, haha. Just crank it.

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