Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jandek - Skirting The Edge

What the fuck is up with this dude's voice? It's high and pussyish on a bunch of his albums, but on Blue Corpse suddenly the vocals are really deep and sad and manly. The rumors say that it was some other guy but it's the same on all the recent live material, as well, and also on this studio album from December 2008, which either means that it was released in 2008 or 2009, a year that it wasn't actually released in. But you can take that up with the rest of the internet. This album is 51 minutes of Jandek playing an acoustic guitar and rambling about shit for 12, 24 minutes at a time occasionally, damn. Everybody's saying that it's "dark" but I didn't really pay attention to the lyrics. But isn't his music always like that? The Jandek of 2009 might be cranking out the occasional feel good jam, but there are none on this album, that's for sure! Yeah.

Rating: It's okay. All of his stuff has the power to transfix me to at least some degree, I think? Everything I've heard, anyway. There's a lot of music that I'm much less interested in listening to for almost a whole hour than this guy rubbing his cock all over an acoustic guitar and moaning about god knows what. Nevertheless, this is the first Jandek album I've paid less than $4.99 for (exact amount: $0.00) and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Download Link: "I KnowMy Name"

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