Monday, October 19, 2009

The-Dream - Love vs. Money

Hey, it's 13 more good songs. The man himself says that Love vs. Money is "like the first album on crack," and I've never done crack, but if it means more synths, more lyrics about fucking, and more guest appearances by your famous friends Lil Jon, Mariah Carey, and Kayne West, the first rapper with a Benz and a backpack... well, fuck. Buy me some. Everything you liked about Love Hate has been amplified to widescreen technicolor proportions, guys. Too many classixx on that wonderfully flowing album length listening experience for this one to surpass it, but I'm more likely to cherrypick favorites from LvsM rather than plow all the way through from start to finish, which inevitably results in having to hear at least 80% of these tracks out of order no matter what. How many more total jams is this guy gonna be able to effortlessly pull out of his ass? He's a radio killa and an R&B guerilla, clearly. Album is just a bag of candy colored tricks. Epic multipart drama with those two title tracks, the soothing slow burner dot gif balladry of "Fancy," stuffing "Take You Home 2 My Mama" with hooks, hooks, hooks galore, closing everything out with a dumb song about girls' butts... every song has at least one good part and then usually a bunch of other ones. If you've been dismissing this one as an overrated product of hipster tokenism, maybe you're right. It's a fucking sick collection of songs, though. Album of the Year until Raditude drops.

Rating: 9.1/10

Download Link: Fenix TX - "Katie W."... great song that was in my Mediafire account.

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