Monday, December 07, 2009

Bear in Heaven- Beast Rest Forth Mouth

Bear in Heaven- Beast Rest Forth Mouth

Words of warnings, dear Constant Reader, the siren call of Pitchfork Media Incorporated lead me to the eruditic rocky shores of Bear in Heaven!

One of the latest albums to emerge from the experimental New Yark scene, this meaningful jam core album hits with so many delicious jabs and blissful uppercuts that I cannot do anything but be its punching bag. Indeed, there is no better way to listen to the immediate first four tracks or so and feel the beckoning urge to get precipitously eviscerated on some sort of chemical alteration and start thinking about your meaningless mortality (Not only will all of us die, our shithead kids will spend our inheritance on awful technology like hooking your iPod up to a flushing toilet bowl so that Rough Ryders Anthem comes out every time you take a dump). The third track, "You do You," begins with a rising high hat beat and when the full drums and keyboard arpeggios kick in, you just want to lie down and surrender yourself to a sexually overpowering existentialist blitzkrieg bop straight out of the annals of Camus, and Frederich "Not as fastidiously corpulent as Orson Welles" Nietszche. That's not to say that the music itself is pretentious at all, and that although the textures really rely on keyboards and drums to remind you of all those late nights spent thinking about a past your post-adolescent self refuses to regret, the themes and lyrics of the songs are simple and direct and rely distinctly on pop-like repetition with an interesting developmental structure throughout most songs.

I was blown away with the way the album is persistently dark and moody without utilizing much "tear drenching reverb (Hahahaha)" on anything besides the vocals, or at the very least, utilizing effects OBVIOUSLY to fake the texture of a song feeling IMPORTANT to someone in their most fragile states of being close to the edge of reconsidering their prior and future actions. I can't imagine how I would listen to this in a group setting because the songs themselves have pulverizing drum and keyboard attacks that make me feel at my most solitary and reflective. Only Solitaire, eh, Dear Constant Reader?

I don't really know how to contextualize current rock music with both proggy and poppy influences in relations to douchelord bands like The Decemberists, The Dirty Projectors (Whose primary creative force is King Douche of the Omnitaint) but Bear in Heaven sounds relevant, progressive and engaging without appearing to clutch and seize the works of blatantly popular indie trends while winking so hard that it would create a closed eye which may never open.

Please listen to this, Dear Constant Reader, and for fuck's sake enjoy it! Then read the rest of Solid Little Rock Jams all day every day because clearly a bunch of amateurs writing record reviews are the best use of your time since we obviously have an agenda of advancing all of our favorite little indie-micro communities to the infinitely profound and deep listening masses!

Rating: It's all I've been playing lately and I've been caught air drumming to this and singing, which I usually only do during In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins! dun dun dununu dunun dunudn dah dah


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