Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Kevin Drumm - Imperial Horizon

After a few out the ass cassette releases of somewhat irritating noise, Kevin Drumm returns to the not quite tranquil hum of 2008's feature film length career highlight Imperial Distortion. Kind of the same basic thing as that release. Sounds like new age crap but then you turn it up and your speakers start rattling because some guttural bass frequencies are gradually simmering to the top. Drumm is all about shaping and organizing sounds in a way that has some kind of physical effect on the listener, relieving tension that you were too transfixed to notice was there. The moment when you realize that layers have been stripped away and all that's left are a few high pitched tones hovering in the air... or did they just come in out of nowhere? They must have. That's right, your mind was too wrapped up in the sounds to allow you to fully process such a thing.

It's called "minimalism." You wouldn't understand it. I'm just gonna stop right here.

Rating: Kind of feels like a "bonus track" even though it's an hour long. Obviously, any/all of Kevin Drumm's "major" releases are worth owning and devoting much time to so I'm not gonna tell you to avoid this one so yeah, one of 2009's best.

Download Link: Enjoy!

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