Friday, May 18, 2007

Art Brut - It's a Bit Complicated(2007)

Some of you may remember, but back in 2005 I was obsessed with this UK guitar band called Art Brut. It was one of those albums that really seemed to reflect my life at the time and everything about the album just sort of clicked. It was short, it lacked filler. Eddie Argos proved himself to be one of the most clever/hilarious lyricists of all time with only 30 minutes worth of material. I saw them live a bunch of times, and even got my picture taken with them. The years went by, and I sort of forgot about the band to be honest! The album didn't resonate with me as much as it used to, it was still fantastic, but, well, I had moved on to other things. I even passed up the opportunity to go see them live for the fifth time, (a decision I now woefully regret).

I was really looking forward to this album, and you know what? The Brut did it again. This album hits me like a ton of bricks from a balcony. This album hits me like a ten minute keyboard solo to a Yes fan. The album shits on everything , just about everything. It once again resonates with me to the point that I often feel Eddie Argos might be peering into my soul with his cold, dead eyes.

The guitarwork has come a long way, some really intricate stuff here, lots of ascending/descending riffs and even a few tones that gave me shivers. This one's a lot more mature. The songwriting and lyrics sacrifice their adorable playfulness in the debut to concentrate more on maturity, and I have to say, it's much sharper and in the long run, is going to prove advantageous. This band is no novelty, they're the real fuckin' deal, and that's exactly what they they tried to do and succeeded to do here.

Never again will I doubt this band, I have little doubt that history will repeat itself and Art Brut will once again soundtrack my summer.

Rating: The best album I've heard all year? I dunno, Boredoms and Dino Jr. sure make stiff competition.

Song: Here's the whole album, but please buy it when it comes out. I've read interviews where the band basically states they're shit broke and really need money. Support these musical geniuses.

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