Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lou Reed- Live: Take No Prisoners

Sorry that I've been gone for so long!!!!! With finals and school and all that fun stuff I have had no time do anything fun (This blog, for instance) and as a result, I've lapsed into a mania where I listen to the Jesus and Mary Chain for hours on end while pawing at my crotch. Also, I was coming up with funny jokes like this:

What do Michael Jackson and Robert Fripp have in common?

They both like to play with minors! (Hahahahaha)

Anyways, I will be much more free nowadays so hopefully I can consistently update this wonderful blog along with the other villanous cohorts who scrawl on this bronze tablet. Today I'm going to review Lou Reed's Live: Take No Prisoners!

If you're looking for an ORAL masterpiece (Like Angelina Jolie's pussy lips!) then this album is exactly what you need if you're on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid, and you have a roof to beat off underneath, your own semen to eat for sustenance, a homeless man to jerk you off when you're tired, and the wherewithall to know he's doing it because he loves you and not because you're responsible for his Jack Daniels I.V.

Anyways, this album is basically a comedy album. Lou Reed is a fucking huge asshole and he loves to take drugs, so basically any concert where those facets are primary and his music is somewhat secondary, then, yeah, fucking lock and load! Plus, there is a pretty fucking awesome version of Satellite of Love, and the song I Want to be Black is about renouncing your jewdom for a set of tirelips and a Nike spear.

Rating: Pou Peed

Download: No download!

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