Thursday, May 31, 2007

Couch - Glass Brothers 1993-1994

Hey, Blogger, can I just say, "What the fuck?" How is it that if you autosave my post every minute, and I suddenly have to force quit my browser because my computer freezes, when I come back to the "edit posts" list, the draft that you have saved is completely BLANK??? During my computer's menstrual outburst or whatever, did I seriously just up and press some crazy combination of keys that highlighted all of the text in my post and then erased it? Is it safe to assume that that's what happened?

I started writing the Twin Infinitives review on Monday. I spent several hours on it. I even took a break to listen to the album and write down notes about every song. Hell, I even wrote some of the review in bed on notebook paper! What the fuck?

I was hoping that I would have been able to finish it this morning and that Joe would have a bunch of rad comments about it, but no, Blogger had to go and ruin everything. Or something. Also, my Bluetooth mouse ran out of batteries right then. I fucking hate that shit. It's not like I use my computer while I'm cruisin' around my room on a swivel chair! Why can't I just have one of them things with the cord coming out of it? Such bullshit.

So fuck you, "convenient" technology. You fucking suck.

Despite this morning being completely shitty, I have decided to brighten my spirits with this compilation of material by a band called Couch. Like the ten other people who first heard the music contained on this thing at some point after the band actually existed, I was informed about Couch through various interviews with Aaron Dilloway and Andrew W.K., who as teens growing up in Ann Arbor, MI had their lives altered when they first encountered the noisy, wacked-out fucking WEIRDNESS ("my dick is turning into a tree," lol) of this fine, fine band.

This 32 minute CD compiles 3/4 of their first 7", 2/3 of some split thing, and a bunch of other shit! "Chinese Mechanic" and "Old Man" are wicked, shouty stompers! "Sexy River" is quieter than the other ones! "Jeff" is seven minutes of guitar noise! "Doctor Power" sounds like early Sonic Youth (think "The World Looks Red," but even more awesome)! "Blue Light In The Fog" almost has a melody! "In A Sealed Car" begins with a really high pitched screeching noise that terrified the shit out of me when I first heard it whilst on the 'ol green line!

Imagine a more fun-sounding version of no-wave or a more minimal Butthole Surfers or a more immediately listenable Caroliner. There's some other band called Couch, but they're some post-rock thing and they're not this Couch, so who cares. The liner notes to this are by Weasel Walter! I don't own a copy, though, so I can't read them. And Bulb apparently had them on their site, and there most definitely is a link to them on there, but the link doesn't work, so fuck, eat my ass, Bulb Records website!


Rating: Awesome.

Song: "Old Man"... not the Neil Young song! Although, it'd be awesome if it was, wouldn't it?

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