Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mammatus - The Coast Explodes

These guys got a lot tighter with this one.

Less jammy, it seems. Still pretty reefer smokin' and spaced out, though.

More instrumentally varied.

There's a flute on one song and then some chick on another one, it's cool.

I'm listening to Jay Reatard demos right now.

Rating: Fucking great psych rock record. Better than the first one, which was pretty great. Heavier this time. Crazier than Comets on Fire, and the songwriting is less monotonous than on that Sword record that came out last year. Less organ this time, though. These guys bring the solid jamz, R E C O M M E N D E D!

Song: "Pierce The Darkness"

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Undercooked Sausage said...

This album is better than the debut! The Mam's are more psychadelic than ever!

Pick this one up at your local record store!!