Friday, June 12, 2009

Clikatat Ikatowi - Orchestrated & Conducted By

If you've ever fallen into the bad habit of buying every Gravity Records release because used copies are all like $3.99 each, you've probably been disappointed by the fact that it all sounds the fucking same and there aren't any actual songs and the vocals are obnoxious and it's all sort of objectively terrible.

Clikatat Ikatowi had it together a little more than most of their peers, however. There's only so much of this faggy racket that a stable person can really take and these dudes actually reign it in a bit with some boss dynamics, sort of tightish playing, and production that doesn't sound like all the guys wiping their asses on you.

Mario Rubalcaba is a good drummer.

I dunno.

Rating: Some cool guitar noises. It's 29 minutes long, there are slow parts, there are fast parts. Not really an unrelenting blast of post-hardcore fury compared to other GR releases, but too much of that shit can get tiring, ya know? If you want all brutal, all the time, with zero room for the sound or the listener to breathe, take your early Antioch Arrow EPs and be done with it.

Download Link: "DNA Timebomb"... pretty dopeass drumming on this one! Fans of SLRJ favorite At The Drive-In might find something to enjoy here.

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