Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Neil Young - Fork In The Road

Everybody is so hellbent on bitching about the Archives that they forgot that Neil Young just released his best studio album from this decade! That's not really saying much of anything, though.

Pretty fun stuff here. The songs are about his car and there's some swearing. Also, it ROCKS!

I have a headache. I was going to watch Inland Empire, but my parents got done with the TV too late.

Fork In The Road is gonna give you a great time, plain and simple. If you like the cover, you will enjoy spending 38 minutes with this Long Player because that's pretty much what it sounds like. Shitty. Tossed off. Genius.

Rating: LOL

Download Link: "Just Singing A Song"... a good sign. The electric tracks on Chrome Dreams II were a bit plodding, even by Neil's standards. Here we have something that lumbers about in a good way, actually maybe approaching the kind of melodicism you might find in your favorite Crazy Horse rockers. It's not quite there, but there's a certain ragged glory here that has been somewhat missed in so many of Neil's attempts at crafting rockers throughout this decade. Certainly no "Love And Only Love," but what the hell is, anyway. I'm not saying he has to write songs that sound like his old songs. It's just that those were good songs. This is just kind of alright in a "more effortless version of the kind of thing Neil Young is really good at" way, so why not just go all out, ya know? I'm not asking anything crazy here. The man still tears it up live. He's got a fuck ton of old guy energy that I think could be channeled into something really special at this point in his career. Or more albums that are pretty much exactly like this one, which is probably more likely.

Have a good night.

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