Friday, June 05, 2009

Wolf Eyes - Wolf Eyes

It's the year 2000 and as usual these Ann Arbor noise pranksters are making no secret of their Whitehouse and Throbbing Gristle worship. Just listen to the way the synths gurgle and the electronic kick drums pummel you in a somewhat drained manner. If you want your patience testing avant-garde music to carry a satisfactory dose of post-ironic nihilism, then you are in for a treat because Wolf Eyes is all tummy tickling fun! Enjoy the pitch-shifted yelping in "Black Rows," the too-over-the-top-to-really-sound-threatening insane guy vocals in "Black Is Back" (early Ween + power electronics?!), the downright HILARIOUS vocals/lyrics combo on "Imagine Yourself As Me" ("IMAGINE YOURSELF AS MEEEEEEEE!!! NIGHT CLUBS, HOTELS, RADIO SHOWS!!! PEP RALLIES, HIGH SCHOOL... TALENT SHOWS!!!"), the IRONY DRIPPING song titles "Heartbeat City," "Give It Up," "These Girls of Mine," "Tryin' Times," the list goes on. Not a lot of 15 minute "art" epics here. The Wolf Guys are more set on finding that simultaneously unsettling and goofy balance between humor and sheer noise brutality, which mostly just results in "songs" that one could easily describe as being "obnoxious and not a whole lot more than that." And they'd be right.

Rating: Just too much. Especially over 45 minutes. No John Olson to reign Msrs. Dilloway and Young in a bit? Is that it? Who cares? Nobody is listening to this shit in 2009.
Download Link: "Imagine Yourself As Me" (in .aiff format! Sorry, guys, I didn't feel like ripping from the compact disc.)

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