Sunday, June 21, 2009

Immortal - Battles In The North

You can tell by the cover that Immortal are serving up a frosty treat with this 1995 release.

The production is certainly a testament to this idea. Not so much suffocatingly black, but more blindingly white, if you can imagine that. Or perhaps it's just that my speakers don't have any low end.

What else can I say about an album like this, really? They play black metal for 35 minutes and do an awfully good job of it. In the process, they inspired legions of imitators who had varying amounts of success attempting to cull rock power from an instantly classic formula.

The ending of every song cuts off jarringly because these dudes didn't give a fuck. Or maybe I just have a crap CD issue. The tracks are listed completely out of order, anyway.

Rating: Grab a sweater, some cocoa, and a fine wet slut to slip it all into. Throw this one into the player and it's rock time, big dogg!! I'll give it a few stars and go back to listening to music I actually enjoy like the Red Hot Chili Pepper's Californication Unmastered bootleg (which still sounds pretty crappy... yes, even with the presence of a song called "Fat Dance.")

Download Link: "Through The Halls of Eternity"... a banger to be enjoyed in stunning AIFF quality! Don't let the file name fool you, though. That's not the actual name of the song.

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