Sunday, November 15, 2009

Black Eyes - Cough

Most hardcore punk rockers would disagree, but Cough is way better than that first album they did. What are the differences exactly? "More abstract"... perhaps that will do. "Saxophone"... there certainly is some. A wider variety of moods are (is?) encompassed. Drums are occasionally done away with to splendid effect. Free jazz chaos reigns. What many listeners would describe as a "lack of structure" actually makes things more interesting this time around. It is a shame when bands who are clearly getting better cease making music but who knows, maybe the next album would have sucked. Regardless, Cough captures a fearless band at its most adventurous, and when one considers the sea of mediocre acts soiling the good names of "experimentation" and "abrasiveness," their presence has been missed.

Rating: Really good album.

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