Sunday, November 01, 2009

Nurse With Wound - Homotopy To Marie

Thanks largely to the miracle of Daylight Savings, last night's Halloween was another one that met its end in bed before 1:30 A.M. But not before enjoying a solid lineup of particularly unsettling LP length musical statements. Beginning the evening was Nico's The Marble Index, closing it out was The Faust Tapes, and smack dab in the middle was the towering Homotopy To Marie. Notable largely for being the first CD purchased by me from renowned Greenwich Village record store Other Music, these five tracks of musique concrète insanity take the nightmarish terror merely hinted at in similar works such as "Revolution 9," We're Only In It For The Money, the aforementioned Faust Tapes, and probably some 20th century "classical music" to its mind fuckingly brutal extreme. Don't fuck with this stuff on acid, guys, you might puncture your soul! During this magical journey, you will encounter somebody dumping a bag of change into your empty skull and rattling it around for a bit, a little girl talking about her period, some klezmer (?) jams, a language that is probably Spanish, a woman angrily shouting, "DON'T BE NAIVE, DARLING," jarring blasts of noise, and other things that might scare your pets. Perhaps "Lynch-ian" would be an apt description, perhaps not. It's bleak, fucked up, and repulsive, in a way that so many of the greatest artworks of the 1980s were.

Rating: Neat album!

Download Link: Neil Young - "Will To Love"... just a great fucking song.

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