Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Homostupids - The Load

It doesn't get much more hilariously brutal than Homostupids. Two years after The Intern took the underground by storm, these sultans of swing return with another overpowering blast of neanderthal tantrum hardcore. And it's all over in less than 20 minutes! Once again, it sounds like a bunch of janitors spitting all over Dischord's entire '80s roster. I feel like the production sparkles a little bit more this time around, though. And it suits the occasional snatches of synth like at the end of "The Glow/The Edge" and in "Therapist," which sounds like the Blank Dogs guy taking a sizzling poop. A few of the rhythms on The Load certainly do suggest an affinity for the stop-start "cyberpunk" leanings of Chrome, as well as fellow carriers of that band's torch such as the Daily Void or maybe Jay Reatard back when he screamed everything. They throw in some tape manipulation, bird sound effects, and even a few slow parts like the one that follows the surprisingly emotional main chord progression in "Baking The Wolf," but everything still pretty much rips all the way through. As much as I loved The Intern, I can see this new one permanently replacing it in my mind. Can't wait to hear them figure out new and exciting ways to completely tear shit up. Lovely stuff from a lovely band.

Rating: Instant classic!!! Between this record, Vile Gash, and Mentally Challenged, face slashingly abrasive hardcore punk and I are tighter than ever before in 2009.

Download Link: I dunno where it is.

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