Monday, November 16, 2009

Space- Magic Fly

Space- Magic Fly

This is a hardcore album about space. Not the genre hardcore, but what would actually probably be the Apollo soundtrack by Brian Eno if Brian Eno had the fucking cajones to do enough coke to kill Gary Busey.

References to actors become dated after a decade of non-use! (Repeat three times, go into chorus)

I'm not kidding, this is a fucking awesome album and the theme of outer space dictates how all the instruments should sound and play. Apparently the song Magic Fly was a huge disco hit, and that people actually "got down to it" in a place of "recreational song and dance marked by the use of mirrored balls, non-lighting and serious facial hair."

Isn't it stupid that when talking about anything hardcore, I have to differentiate a genre from a descriptive superlative? We're all a bunch of pussies writing about music that we listen to alone because nobody likes us. We write things about the intangible qualities of music and how they affect our tangible cochlea connected to our beating, bloody brains. Think about how bloody and gross your brain is, and then think about that same brain on hardcore music! Time to throw out your Rites of Spring albums before your brain resembles Granfalloon from Symphony of the Night, a rocking Castlevania adventure. Actually, that would be pretty awesome and if I could have zombies falling off my brain I might have more marketable skills than I currently do (ZERO).

What I like best about this album is that it seems like it should appear in some sort of Garth Mahrengi's Dark Place episode, which takes place in the future and Garth Mahrengi is a space occultist and scientist.

I hope Leif doesn't get mad that I updated after taking a two year break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: An essential must own album filled with b-sides and remixes of songs you already love to love. Order today for three easy payments of $420, $6.66 and $8008135!

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