Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables(1980)

Dead Kennedys were a hardcore punk band from 2001-2008 with brendan cruz on vocals. amazingly talented black drummer peligro on drumz. east bay ray on guitar, and rev. al sharpton on bass. this highly influential multi-ethnic pop punk band had a great formula. Fast, non-formulaic punk songs fused w/ extremely leftist(and funny!) political rantings.

This was their first album where the Kennedys were at their funnest and fartiest, and much, much slower than any of the material they did after this. (The drummer they had on this album was more of a sperm whale and couldn't drum beat his kits bashiest enough until they hired talented black comedian, peligro(which means danger! in mexico).

Anyway, Brendan Cruz's lyrics hadn't gotten to the point of self-parody yet, and the guitarwork that is on this debut LP is some of the most inventive, visionary, and influential ever recorded. The Donkey Kongs had a unique sound, and coupled with the "piss off mom & dad" lyrics, these guys were practically tailor-made to appeal to the average pimple faced high schooler who is too much of a gay to ever be cool enough to try hard in gym class or have sex before he turns 30.

Anyway, the band recently broke up due to health concerns, and-wait, the original vocalist is featured on this album??? I thought the Dead Kennedys were recen



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