Saturday, May 16, 2009

Massimo - Hello Dirty

Not too sure about this one. It's definitely real distorted and an experimental noise release from 2002 on the MEGO label.

So loud! Can't play it in the dorm at the volume that it demands. Harsh realm, doggs.

Is it dense? Is there shit going on? I think in track three or at some point I thought I heard something that wasn't a dude fucking with some sustained synth shit. So fuzzed out, though, who knows what the fuck was really happening there.

Maybe this deserves to be "spun on my AKG's." Maybe I need to get out of this room. Maybe I need to not have a headache all the time. Maybe I should pull it out during a less stressful period. I really don't know. The 2002 Mego release Hello Dirty and I got off on the wrong foot, that's definitely apparent. Gonna give it the benefit of the doubt, but for now, compared to the super engaging sonic environments crafted by Kevin Drumm and Fe-mail, this shit is downright monotonous. At least To Live & Shave In L.A. has funny samples.

Rating: I'm probably wrong when I say that there's no low end and nothing happens. Pretend that you're reading this seven years ago, nobody cares about this shit anymore.

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