Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gun Outfit - Dim Light

Listened to this album one time a month and a half ago.

Started off like raw as all fuck Dinosaur Jr. and then I lost interest, but maybe it's a "grower" like hip hop and the Afghan Whigs. Grimy lo-fi throwback bullshit that's not trying nearly hard enough to sound like it's not trying hard enough.

I don't know jack shit about new music anymore, I just picked this album 'cause I'm self-conscious about how ruggedly obscure my tastes seem. All I play anymore is Neil Young's discography and Sun Kil Moon and like five other albums that only don't sound like shit at night time.

Too many bands, they need to stop.

Rating: I'd say, "Don't waste your time," but you might as well do just that.
Download Link: "Work Experience"

1 comment:

dogg said...

what is this shit

it sounds like Tad