Saturday, May 16, 2009

FUgazi - 13 Schlongs(1990)

Sorry I am not reviewing pretentious, obscure indie bullshit like my compatriots. Leif Garret is writing about some noise rock compilation of the MEGO label that maybe eight people have heard. What a waste of kilobytes and memory space. Fucking makes me sick. Stay tuned for next week when we take a extensive look at Incubus's discography followed by the foo fighter.

Ian MacKaye's Fugazi were a group of hungry Mexican-Americans who recorded a bunch of Eps in the late 1980s in exchange for many sandwiches and freshly washed bedsheets. Fresh off the boat from Bethlehem, Ian MacKate and sidekick Guy Pizzacoti were literally stuffed with interesting melodies showing the hardcore kids that you didn't necessarily have to play your balls off to write cool punk rock that you can slam dance too!

Also, the first track on this EP compilation is a really good song, "Waiting Room" is you haven't heard it yet. It's the sound of two butt fuckers thundering around without a care in the world.

The second track is cool, but the guy singing on it, (Guy Pizza?? I think Ian is the deeper vocalist) sounds too much like Elvis Costello. In conclusion fuck the rest of the album

Life sucks, though. I don't have a job right now and don't want to pay my rent anymore.

Rating: Probably every FUgazi release is essential, and this is among the top 3-4.


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