Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AFCGT - AFCGT (2010)

Yo, doggies, did you hit up this new Sub Pop release yet??? This is a band that has members from some other bands. They got together and spat up this poopy slab of noisy art damaged (ha!) rock music! It's pretty cool, I guess. They like to really get down and jam and then sometimes they like to add some pitch shifted vocals or throw in some field recordings or something or just make creepy apocalyptic soundscapes for you. This recording is 38 minutes long and a lot of fun. Sometimes it reminds of Oneida and also a lot of other bands that I listen to all the time but can't think of right now. I read a review that mentioned early Butthole Surfers so I didn't want to say that but it's not too far off. Just some no wavey goofball shit like that or Couch.

Rating: Oh, yeah, Shit & Shine. Maybe that was one of the other bands. This is kind of like that, I think? I don't really listen to them that much. AFCGT is a good band and good album with the same name. It's good!

Download Link: "New Punk 27"... this song is three minutes long and has multiple parts, you should check it out. They explore multiple types of dicking around before unleashing a totally fucked groove during the second half.