Thursday, February 18, 2010

The KLF - The White Room (1991)

I guess it makes sense that kids these days don't give half a fuck about music like this. I remember a time when 17 year old males in the 21st century were still recovering from the '90s, jamming the Chemical Brothers and Screamadelica like crazy. All that dancey shit, you know. Borderline frat boys like my ex roommate love going to jam band festivals and getting down to pseudo hipster/hippy trance bullshit as they have a totally rad time taking ecstasy and pretending that they're "reviving rave culture" but when was the last time these phonies appreciated Everything Is Wrong or The Orb or The Prodigy or whatever???? Know your history, kids!!!!!! It's not all just one big party. Girl Talk didn't "save" anything! I never really had that phase of romanticizing this era of phat drum loopz/indulging in anglophile bullshit so I don't know what I'm talking about. The KLF were a band of MEDIA TERRORISTS who really fucked shit up and came out of it all with two AMG 5 star rated albums. Their music was great, too. The White Room is nonstop bangers, oh, fuck, until the second half, that is, when it chills out a bit. Whole thing is catchy as hell, utilizing a number of more than competent vocalists to realize the visions of these highly talented individuals! I keep playing this album over and over, it's dope!!!!!!


Download Link: "3 A.M. Eternal"... this music song is a massive listening experience.

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