Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Speed, Glue & Shinki - Eve (1971)

Oh, hi there! This is some album that Julian Cope likes. He said it was tied for number one "japrock" album because he is a fucking racist because these adorable schoolchildren hail from the Philippines, damnit!

It's basically electric blues rock. The drummer sings and takes drugs and so does the bassist (takes drugs, that is) and the guitarist is named Shinki and probably takes drugs, as well. I learned all that from the Wikipedia entry. It sounds like something you would hear at a really hip record store because you can tell it's from the early '70s but it's obscure as fuck and not Eric Clapton: Unplugged! Ha! So you have to ask the guy at the counter what these groovy mystery sounds are and then you buy the vinyl reissue or whatever and are now the proud owner of a "lost classic" that while being totally accessible like many revered classic rock acts of the day, still manages to retain that extra spark of weirdness that kept it from ever reaching mainstream success like Silverchair enjoyed back in the day. That spark of course being that they're "japrock" in the first place! Can you remember the last time you heard a "japrock" song on the radio? Probably Gorillaz or one of those James Iha solo joints.

The album is pretty good. Lots of '70s hard rock guitar soloing. It's not as catchy or even as rifftastic as Satori or some album like that but it's still a lot of fun for you, I hope. God bless you.

Rating: Who am I kidding, this is the best album ever made. This and the collected works of SR-71! Eight motherfucking stars out of ten.

Download Link: "Ode To The Bad People"

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Michael K. said...

The Really Hip Record Store scenario you detailed is exactly how the story of the time I bought Satori on vinyl goes.