Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Black Tambourine - Complete Recordings (1999, but the songs are from the early '90s)

Remember when Vivian Girls released that album that a bunch of people liked? Not the last one, only a couple people liked that one. And I know those people. Anyways, Black Tambourine named themselves after the Beck song that's in Inland Empire and those bands like Vivian Girls and Brilliant Colors and The Pains of Releasing Poo As A Shart and Best Coast all sound just like them. Reverb, reverb, reverb, girl vocals, '60s pop fetishism groping the vocal melodies, guitars that jangle just as much as they crap out trebley noise like the Jesus & Mary Chain used to do... it's all here! The reason I mentioned the first Vivian Girls album is because a lot of times I will have one of Black Tambourine's songs in my head and I won't know whether it's by them or from the VG record. "Black Car" is the biggest offender, I'd say. It's the second song on here and has a beautiful melody that is constantly swimming around my brain, but I always find myself thinking, "Is this track two on the Black Tambourine comp or track two on that first LP from those Vivian Girls?" It really would have fit perfectly on there.

This is great music. "By Tomorrow" and "Throw Aggi Off The Bridge" and "Black Car" and friggin' "For Ex-Lovers Only." Those songs rule. It's like 24 minutes long. I don't know anything about "twee pop" or what Sarah Records and Another Sunny Day are. I do own this CD, however. And you should, too.

Rating: I like it. Play this and Unrest while you cock is getting sweaterburn from some Beat Happening chick.

Download Link: "Black Car"... such a good song! Yeah.

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