Monday, February 08, 2010

Diddy - Press Play (2006)

Hey, it's Diddy! I think he was in a band with Travis Barker before that guy died in a plane crash with his friend and collaborator Joe C. but I could be wrong here!!! Sean Paul "George & Ringo" Combs was just getting over his divorce from Jimmy Page and so he was extra sad and ended up covering the entire Red House Painters discography... in hot beatz and guest appearances by his fellow hip hop/R&B stars, that is!!! Strip these songs down enough and you'll probably end up hearing "Medicine Bottle" playing in the background.

Enough monkeying around here, though! Friend of Solid Little Rock Jams DJ David Drake likes this album. When I was 18 I carried records to his DJ gig at some bar in Logan Square. The people who I knew didn't show up for two hours so I pretty much just stood around rereading the liner notes on the back of a Jay-Z record sleeve over and over because I couldn't drink and wasn't even supposed to be there. I told this one guy that I used to write for Stylus Magazine before it went under and we had a brief discussion about music writing and what it means to us. David played Steely Dan - "Josie" at one point, that was awesome.

He just made this sick mix called Best Raps of 2009 that is so good that I haven't listened to it yet but I still know how good it is. He got the guy who draws Questionable Content to do the cover art, it's fucking amazing, no joke. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT, THIS GUY IS PRETTY KNOWLEDGEABLE FOR A HONKY WHO DRINKS NAKED JUICE!!!!!

The Diddy album is really long, like really close to 80 minutes. It opens with a Tears For Fears sample. Diddy's name used to be other things like P Diddy and Puff Donkey and Poop Sloppy and Cut Copy and Tom Arnold. Does he still go by Diddy or even make music at all? Do tell!!!

Press Play isn't anywhere near as good as Paul McCartney's Press To Play. It's probably about as good as Just Push Play by Aerosmith. You'd have to ask Dogg, but I remember "Jaded" kickin' a lot of ass, so there's that, at least. He also likes Play and Plays Pretty For Baby and Knife Play. And assplay, ha!!! That dunk was hella solid.

These album covers are all kind of similar, I think:

Rating: I don't know.

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